Routine Eye Exams for Adults

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends that everyone of legal age (18 and up) get a routine eye exam once every two years. Older adults (65 and up) should have an ophthalmologist examine their eyes annually. We recommend yearly exams if you may be at risk of eye diseases or have poor vision.

Vision Services

Nearly 70% of all Americans over 18 need some form of vision correction, like glasses, contacts, or vision surgery. We can help prescribe glasses or perform procedures to decrease your need for glasses. We can check whether vision correction surgery may be a good option for you.

Eye Disease Treatment

Even those with otherwise perfect vision may occasionally have trouble with eye diseases and discomfort. For example, as of 2017, over 16 million U.S. citizens were diagnosed with dry eye disease (DED). Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment if you suspect any eye problems or experience vision issues.

Surgical Care

Some medical and eye conditions may require professional surgical care for safe and satisfactory results and resolutions. We keep our office stocked with industry-leading machinery and supplies to ensure we have the tools to give you proper care. Talk to our team of ophthalmologists and discuss your symptoms or conditions to receive top-quality treatment.

Surgical Ophthalmology Services:


Some Ocular Tools and Their Uses

At Eye MDs, we clearly explain any tools we intend to use and ensure your comfort during all ophthalmology services. With thorough and personalized eye care, we make ocular recovery possible for citizens in Southern California.

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